What We Do!

We help organizations see and improve flow within their entire enterprise. Our perspective is primarily on value streams and systems versus standardization at the workstation level. We focus on how to orchestrate customer orders from initiation through completion.

JEI Lean Transformation Support Methodology

Who We Are!

Our commitment to excellence is the fundamental tenet of our institute and is achieved through a process of continuous improvement.

Our Mission

Assist in transforming companies toward Toyota’s principles of lean manufacturing and just-in-time logistics. We bring your people & just-in-time enterprise technologies together.

Our Approach

We work with you and your staff, providing hands-on, results oriented professional on-site training, coaching, & assistance to help you transform into a leaner more profitable enterprise.

Our Methodologies

First, we listen. Only after we fully understand your enterprise, business, & problems, do we assist you in developing a "practical" transformation path toward continuous improvement in every dimension of your enterprise’s operations and culture.

We then assist you in progressing along the path by providing professional just-in-time enterprise training and practical, "hands-on", value stream flow and shop floor process implementation assistance. As shown in the drawing above, our help takes the form of both value stream flow and shop floor process continuous improvement.

Our role ends when enough knowledge has passed through our coaching to allow you to complete the task of integrating lean principles into every aspect of your enterprise’s operations. At this point you are reaping the fruits of your lean transformation efforts.