JEI's coaching of our flow kaizen allowed us to cut our manufacturing lead time in half and freed up substantial floor space for adding products to our lineup.
Vice President, Southwire Company
Understanding that creating flow and designing an effective means of managing flow is one of the most important aspects and advantages of lean. JEI helped us achieve both with extraordinary success.
Plant Manager, Komatsu
With JEI's coaching, our flow kaizen team was able to design a way to repair four airplanes simultaneously within a single hanger. This just about cut our repair cycle time in half.
General Manager, AAR Corporation
- Liked the three day format!
- Food was great!
- Tours were excellent!
- Coaches were great!
Participant-Boeing Airplane Company
"Excellent. Informative!"
Participant, Southwire Company
"Great learning experience"
Participant, BAE Systems
"Excellent Workshop, seminars matched the benchmarking visits we did perfectly. Very impressive how kanban mechanisms work in Toyota suppliers"
Participant, Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations
"Knowledgeable coach & tour guides"
"The bench-marking visits were great, and Jim's personal experiences with Toyota were very valuable"
Participant, Omaha Standard
"The bench-marking visits were great! It was terrific to see all of the pieces and hear how they all work together"
Participant, AAR Corporation
"Great experience!!! Especially for those who believe in lean manufacturing"
Participant, MAQUET Cardiovascular
"Was very impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise Jim has"
Participant, FedEx Corporation
"The workshop has brought value & knowledge to me. Great Workshop! Great instructor!"
Participant, Lockheed Martin
"Excellent mix of instruction & then observation of the processes"
Participant, Lockheed Martin
"Great workshop. The visits were very organized & efficient. I would recommend this workshop to anyone!"
Participant, Sulzer Process Pumps
"Jim's has an ability to open our minds & look at the overall system"
Participant, Komatsu Forklifts
"Jim is extremely knowledgeable having worked within the Toyota system, he then taught us the system as it really is"
Participant, Komatsu Forklifts