Learning Lean with JEI

As reflected in the drawing below, JEI's approach in helping organizations transform to a lean culture is deeply rooted in the belief that Lean is a Win!- Win!-Win! Process. Investment in professionally developing team members leads directly to significant business and operational improvements. These improvements lead directly to increased customer satisfaction, which nets increased sales which then allows the organization to grow and realize more revenue. This absolutely is Win! For everyone involved.

Lean Manufacturing's Win-Win-Win Cycle

Convincing an organization's leadership that lean transformation in essential is very important to success. However, lean learning must also be embedded at all levels for the organization to effectively succeed in achieving the organization's improvement goals. It is important that mid level managers be enthusiastic about the promise of lean improvements and wholeheartedly lead the cultural change through their positions. As described in the drawing below, their support will assure a clear understanding of the benefits of lean transformation throughout the organization's operational levels.

Center-Out Transformation Approach

Shown below is a short comparison of key differences between traditional or conventional behaviors versus lean behaviors. As is evident, lean behaviors represent much more professionalism, friendliness, and "sanity" than traditional behaviors. Listed within our methodologies page is a more extensive comparison between conventional principles and practices and those fostered within lean in the areas of Shop Floor Improvements and Plant Systems Improvements. Please look those pages over to better understand the value of transformation to a lean culture.

Conventional vs. Lean Behaviors