Five-Phase Transformation Workshops

Align the Culture (2-5 days - Training)

  • Lean Manufacturing Value Demonstration (Simulation)
  • Fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing
  • Transforming your Culture to Lean
  • Building a "Learning" Organization

Stabilize Processes (15-20 days - Training)

  • Value Stream Flow Kaizens
    Complete JIT Enterprise Order Flow
    JIT Manufacturing WIP Flow
    JIT Manufacturing Materials Flow
    Visual Operations Management
    JIT Supply Chain Flow
    JIT Business Process Flow
  • Toyota’s Problem Solving Process (PDCA) Workshop
  • Five "S" / Workplace Organization / Visual Workplace Workshop
  • Standardized Work Definition & Documentation Workshop

Establish Continuous Flow (6-8 days - Training)

  • Zero Quality Control (ZQC) Workshop
  • Jidoka - Mistake Proofing
  • Improving & Reducing Changeover Workshop (Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED))

Standardize Processes (8-10 days - Training)

  • Scheduling for Continuous, Balanced Flow
  • Increasing Equipment Availability Workshop (Total Productive Maintenance (TPM))
  • Workcells & Cellular Manufacturing Workshop

Transform to Pull Processes (5-10 days - Training)

  • Continuous Improvement (kaizen) Workshop
  • CI (kaizen) Event Facilitation

Balancing the System (3-4 days - Training)

  • Just-in-time Supplier Development