Lean Transformation Support

As discussed in detail on our Lean Learning page, Just-in-time Enterprise Institute (JEI) offers a complete array of learning vehicles targeted for every level of an organization, during every phase of lean transformation. As lean knowledge spreads throughout a transforming organization, JEI serves as an effective coach and facilitator to overcome obstacles and facilitate organized change. Our objective is always to increase the level of capability within a transforming organization to be able to transform themselves. Below is a "Step-by-Step" portrayal of our recommended "Toyota" inspired lean transformation path and an estimate of the time required to achieve each successive stage of lean transformation.

Introduce Lean Leadership & Value Stream Management Processes

Step-by-Step Just-in-time Flow Transformation Time Line

For a more in-depth discussion of this lean transformation approach, print out this PDF document which expands on the "Step-by-Step Lean Transformation Framework" introduced above.