Manufacturing Work-in-Process (WIP) Value Stream Flow Kaizen
(4 days)

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Overview top
Discover how to plan, manage, and prioritize lean tools and activities so they are a part of an integrated system that sustains quantum leaps in transformation progress.

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Work-in-Process (WIP) Value Stream Flow Kaizen Objectives:

  • Familiarize kaizen team with just-in-time production principles & methodologies
  • Assist team members in "seeing the flow" of their "Model" value stream
  • Create a comprehensive current state value stream map of the company's "model" value stream's flow
  • Assist kaizen team members in understanding how lean principles and practices can significantly improve flow within the "model" value stream
  • Assist team members to visualize, then design an aggressive, yet feasible future state improvement design and an effective transformation plan
  • Assist team members in developing an effective JIT materials management and visual production management mechanism for  their "model" value stream

To achieve these objectives, kaizen team members will:

  • Practice, through discussions and case study illustration, basic value stream flow mapping, kaizen concepts, team building, and value stream management
  • Develop, both current and future state maps of the company's focus "model" value stream
  • Learn value stream kaizen process leadership roles and responsibilities 

A manufacturer's work-in-process (WIP) value stream includes all actions required to bring a product from receipt of raw materials through shipment to customers.

Each action in this chain of activities is either value adding (e.g., Being machined) or non-value adding (e.g., waiting to be cleaned).  "Seeing" your manufacturing processes from a value stream perspective means looking at the forest at fifty feet, not its individual trees.  It means paying attention to improving the system as a whole.  Dock-to-dock, rather than focusing on individual process stages.

By creating a current state map (how we do it now) you create a "visual" of production flow.  From this baseline, you can apply lean principles to create an improved future state (how we want to do it) vision of an ideal value flow.

Value Stream flow kaizen is a simple process.  You map the process, using pencil and paper right on the shop floor, by following products, dock-to-dock, carefully drawing a visual portrayal of each process in the flow of work-in-process, materials, and information. 

The results will be eye opening, revealing improvement conditions and opportunities which might otherwise go unnoticed. Then an improved future state (and how to get there) can be visualized and planned.

Example Agenda top

Day 1: Current State Value Stream Mapping

Introductions & Workshop Structure
Lean Fundamentals
Value & Value Streams
Value Stream Management
Value Stream Mapping Process
Dock-to-dock Current State Mapping
Case Studies Current States
Team Current State Mapping
Team Current State Presentations
Group Current State Map Consolidation
Group Current State Opportunities
Group Final Current State Map Design

Day 2: Improving Flow

Value Stream Flow Principles
Product Family Grouping
Operating to a “Tempo”
Enhancing System Flow
Operations Visibility & Control
Work Cell Layout & Flow
Visual Process Control
Standardizing & Balancing Work
Assuring Quality Products
Cellular Manufacturing
Pull Processes
Work-in-process (WIP) Flow
JIT Materials Flow
First Shift- Just-in-time Flow Demonstration

Day 3: Designing an Improved Vision

Second Shift- JIT Flow Demonstration
Future State Mapping Process
Case Studies Future State Visions
Future State Mapping Process
Team Future State Process Walk
Team Future State Mapping

Day 4: Transformation Planning

Team Future State Map Presentations
Group Future State Map Consolidation
Group Future State Opportunities
Group Final Future State Map Design
Model Value Stream Transformation Planning
Value Stream Performance Metrics
Wrap-Up Discussions/Evaluations


On-site Coaching Available top
To request this on-site Manufacturing Work-in-Process (WIP) Value Stream Flow Kaizen, please contact Jim Price at (502) 570-2766 or (859) 351-3215 (mobile) or via email: .