Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Value Stream Flow Kaizen
(5 days)

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Overview top
Discover how to plan, manage, and prioritize implementation of lean principles & tools within an MRO operation so they are a part of an integrated system that sustains quantum leaps in improvement. 

Description top

Workshop Objectives:

  • Familiarize flow kaizen team members with just-in-time Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) principles & methodologies
  • Assist team members in "seeing the flow" of their "Model" or "Pilot" MRO operations value stream
  • Create a comprehensive current state value stream map of the company's "model" MRO operations value stream's flow
  • Assist the team in visualizing how lean principles and practices can significantly improve flow and reduce lead time within the MRO operation's value stream
  • Assist team members to visualize, then develop an aggressive, yet feasible MRO operations future state improvement design and an effective transformation plan
  • Assist team members in designing an effective visual production management mechanism which will balance activities to achieve maintenance requirements flow

To achieve these objectives, flow kaizen team members will:

  • Practice, through discussions and case study illustration, MRO value stream flow mapping, flow kaizen methods, team building, and value stream management
  • Develop current and future state maps of their focus "model" MRO value stream
  • Design an effective visual MRO operations management mechanism

A maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organization's value streams include all actions required to bring a customer's equipment from an unserviceable state through delivery of a safe and serviceable product.

Each action in this chain of activities is either value adding (e.g., Being repaired) or non-value adding (e.g., waiting to be cleaned). "Seeing" your MRO operations from a value stream flow perspective means looking at the forest, not its individual trees. It means paying attention to improving the system's flow as a whole, contract to completion, rather than focusing on individual process steps.

By creating a current state MRO flow map (how its done today) you create a "visual" of repair flow.  From this baseline, the team can apply lean principles to create an improved future state (how it should be done) vision of an ideal MRO value flow.

The results will be enlightening, revealing conditions and opportunities which might otherwise go unnoticed. Then an improved future state (how to get there) can be visualized and planned.


Example Agenda top

Day 1: Coach's Progress Walk

Afternoon: Coach Process Walk and Kaizen Structure Development

Day 2: Document the Current State

Introductions/Workshop Structure
Lean Fundamentals
Value & Value Streams
MRO Flow Kaizen Value Stream Process
Value Stream Mapping
Team Current State MRO Flow Mapping
Team Current State Presentations
Group Current State MRO Flow Map Consolidation
Group Current State Opportunities
Group Final MRO CS Map Design

Day 3: Improving Flow & Process

Value Stream Flow Principles
  Defining Just-in-time Flow
  Regulating Process Flow
  Operating to Takt & Pitch tempo
  Progressive Repairs Flow
  Continuous Repairs Flow
  Critical Chain Methodology
Work Area Layout & Flow
  Balancing Work
  5 "S" Work Site Organization
  Standardizing Activities
  Reducing Changeover Turbulence
  Mistake Proofing Activities
  Assuring Quality at the Source
Team Processing
Pull Mechanisms & Systems
Overhaul-All's Current State
Move-All Forklift Case Study
Visual Operations Control
Continuous Improvement
B2 Bomber Case Study
MRO Future State Mapping
Just-in-time Shop Supply Flow
Overhaul-All's Future State
Team Future State Process Mapping

Day 4: Inventing a Better Future State Flow

Team Future State Flow Development
Team MRO Future State Flow Mapping
Team Future State Presentations
Group Future State MRO FlowMap Consolidation
Group Future State Flow Opportunities Discussions

Day 5: Becoming Lean

Group MRO Future State Impediments
Group Focus Impediment Selection
Team Focus Impediment Assessment & Countermeasures
Team Focus Impediment Elimination
Team Focus Impediment Documentation
Group Discussion of Improvement Opportunities and Next Steps
Becoming Lean
MRO Value Stream Performance Metrics
Wrap-Up & Workshop's Value


On-site Coaching Available top
To request this on-site Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Value Stream Flow Kaizen, please contact Jim Price at (502) 570-2766 or (859) 351-3215 (mobile) or via email: .