Business Process Value Stream Flow Kaizen
(5 days)

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Overview top
Discover how to analyze, plan, improve, and manage the application of lean principles and practices to an organization's administrative and management systems to significantly improve flow of customer's requirements while decreasing lead time, and reducing costs.

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Administrative Process Flow Kaizen Objectives:

  • Familiarize kaizen team members with lean business process principles & methods
  • Assist team members in "seeing the flow" of their "focus" business process flow
  • Create a comprehensive multi-dimensional current state value stream map of the company's "focus" business process value stream's flow
  • Assist team members in understanding how lean principles can significantly improve administrative flow within the "focus" business process value stream
  • Assist team members in visualizing, then developing an aggressive, yet feasible future state process improvement design and an aggressive transformation plan
  • Coach team members in developing an effective lean leadership framework and sustaining performance metrics for their "focus" business process value stream

To achieve these objectives, participants will:

  • Practice, through discussions and case study illustrations, business process value stream flow mapping and business process kaizen concepts, team building, and improvement sustainment methods
  • Design a current and an innovative future state map of the "focus" business process
  • Discuss lean leadership & lean performance metrics to sustain kaizen improvements

An Organization's business process value streams include all actions required to bring an action from receipt of task through satisfaction of requirement.

Each action in this chain of activities is either value adding (e.g., Engineering) or non-value adding (e.g., waiting to be engineered). "Seeing" your business administrative processes from a value stream perspective means understanding the forest, not individual trees. It means concentrating on improving the business process as a whole, start to finish, rather than focusing on an individual component.

By creating a current state map (how its done today) you create a "visual" of the process flow. From this baseline, you can apply lean principles to create an improved future state (how we want to do it in the future) vision of an ideal value flow.

Business process value stream flow kaizen is a simple process. You map the process by following its flow, interviewing its key players, and documenting performance and information factors to create a visual portrayal of each process in the administrative flow of activities and information. 

The results will be eye opening, revealing conditions and opportunities which might otherwise go unnoticed. Then an improved future state (and how to get there) can be visualized and planned.

Example Agenda top

Day 1: Current State Value Stream Mapping

Introductions/Workshop Structure
Lean Business Flow Fundamentals
Value & Value Streams
Current "Focus" Process Procedures
Known Current Process Impediments
Current Performance Metrics
Business Process Value Stream Mapping Process
Cross-Functional Process Mapping
Team Current State Business Process Mapping Instructions
Team Current State Business Process Assessment
1st Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 2: Improving Flow through Lean

Team  Current State Map Development
Team Current State Map Presentations
Group Current State Map Consolidation
Group Current State Map Opportunities
Group Final Current State Business Process Design
Functional Information Needs
Functional Information Investigations
2nd Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 3: Inventing a Better Future State Flow

Functional Information Investigation Reports
Lean Business Process Cross-walks
Improving Business Processes through Lean Principles
Business Process Future State Mapping
Team Business Process Future State Mapping Instructions
Team Future State Process Improvement Assessment
3rd Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 4: Future State Mapping

Team Process Improvement Assessment (Con't)
Team Future State Mapping
Team Future State Map Presentations
Group Future State Map Consolidation
4th Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 5: Becoming Lean

Group Final Future State Opportunities Discussions
Group Final Business Process Future State Map
Group Future State Business Process Impediments
Business Process Lean Performance Metrics
Becoming Lean
Business Process Transformation Planning
Wrap-Up & Workshop's Value


On-site Coaching Available top
To request this on-site Business Process Value Stream Flow Kaizen, please contact Jim Price at (502) 570-2766 or (859) 351-3215 (mobile) or via email: .