Just-in-time Manufacturing Materials Management Kaizen Workshop
(5 days)

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Overview top
Discover how to plan, manage, and prioritize the application of lean principles and practices to the materials management functions within your organization to significantly improve flow, decrease lead time, and reduce costs.

Description top

Manufacturing Materials Management Flow Kaizen Objectives:

  • Familiarize kaizen team members with visual just-in-time materials management and kanban pull principles & methodologies
  • Assist kaizen team members in "seeing the internal flow" of materials within their internal materials replenishment value streams
  • Create comprehensive current state value stream maps reflecting internal materials management, control, and movement systems within their operations
  • Assist kaizen team members in understanding how continuous flow or pull systems can significantly improve work-in-process (WIP) flow within their manufacturing operations
  • Assist team members to visualize, then develop aggressive, yet feasible feeder process flow and pull materials systems to the most critical points of use (POU)
  • Assist team members in designing effective visual materials management procedures and a viable materials flow transformation plan

To achieve these objectives, kaizen team members will:

  • Practice, through discussions and case study illustrations, basic value stream flow mapping, materials flow kaizen concepts, continuous flow and pull systems, and team building
  • Develop, both current and future state maps of the operation’s internal materials flow systems
  • Design continuous flow or pull systems to streamline materials flow to their critical points of use

A manufacturer’s internal materials replenishment value streams include all planning & actions required to bring required materials efficiently to value adding points of use.

Each action in this internal chain of activities is either value adding (e.g., being oriented for POU efficiency) or non-value adding (e.g., transporting over long distances). "Seeing" your internal materials replenishment systems from a value stream flow perspective means looking at the entire flow instead of focusing on just its storage or movement stage. It means improving the system as a whole, dock-to-POU, rather than focusing on individual flow stages.

By creating a current state map (how we do it now) you create a "visual" of materials flow.  From this baseline, you can apply just-in-time principles to streamline the flow (how we want to do it) streamlining the flow of work-in-process products to the customer Materials management and replenishment flow kaizen is a simple process. You analyze and map the current systems by following materials dock-to-POU, carefully drawing a visual portrayal of each stage in the flow of both replenishments and managing information. Understanding the current state allows the team to apply just-in-time principles and practices to the flow of materials to achieve a significantly improved future state.

The results will set the stage for designing true improvements and capturing the opportunities and performance increases which result. Then an improved future state (guiding how to get there) can be visualized and planned.


Example Agenda top

Day 1: Shop Supply Value Stream

Flow Kaizen Structure
Lean Logistics Flow Fundamentals
Conventional Materials Flow
JIT Supply Chain Fundamentals
Known Materials Flow Impediments
Value & Value Streams
Value Stream Mapping Process
Receiving-to-POU Value Stream Mapping
Case Study Current States
  Move-All Forklifts
  Store-All Supply Warehousing
Team  Receiving-to-POU Current State  Assessment
1st Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 2: Current State Supply Value Stream Mapping

Team Receiving-to-POU Current State Map Development
Team Receiving-to-POU Current State Map Presentations
Group Current State Map Opportunities
Just-in-time Materials Management Principles & Methods
  - Continuous Flow
  - JIT Pull Systems
  - Orchestrating Flow
  - Smoothing Requirements
  - Visual Process Control
  - Work Cell Layout & Flow
Just-in-time Stockroom Operations
  - JIT Receiving & Putaway
  - JIT Materials Flow
1st Shift - Conventional WIP Flow Demonstration
2nd Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 3: Just-in-time Shop Supply

2nd Shift - Just-in-time WIP Flow Demonstration
Just-in-time Stockroom Operations (Con't)
  - JIT Work-in-Process Flow
  - JIT Order Picking
Just-in-time Materials Flow
  - Stockroom to POU Flow
  - Peddle Run Delivery Tours
  - Point-of-use Flowracks
Improving Flow thru JIT
  - Integrating PRP into JIT
  - Improving Resource Information
Receiving-to-POU Future State Mapping
3rd Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 4: Inventing a Better Future State Flow

Future State Case Studies
  Move-All Forklift
  Store-All Supply
  Overhaul-All MRO
Team Supplier-to-POU Future State Process Improvement Assessment
Team Supplier-to-POU Future State Mapping
Team Supplier-to-POU Future State Map Presentations
4th Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 5: Becoming Lean

Group Receiving-to-POU Future State Opportunities Discussions
Group JIT Future State Materials Management Impediments
Materials Management Future State Performance Metric Discussions
JIT Materials Management Future State Transformation Planning
Wrap-Up & Workshop's Value

On-site Coaching Available top
To request this on-site Just-in-time Manufacturing Materials Management Kaizen Workshop, please contact Jim Price at (502) 570-2766 or (859) 351-3215 (mobile) or via email: .