Visual Operations Management Value Stream Flow Kaizen
(5 days)

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Overview top
Discover how to visually plan, prioritize, and manage manufacturing & service operations so that customer value flows from need to satisfaction as a single order coupled flow.

Description top

Visual Operations Control Kaizen Objectives:

  • Familiarize kaizen team members with just-in-time visual operations management principles & methodologies
  • Assist kaizen team members in "visually seeing the flow of work" through their operations
  • Create a comprehensive diagram of current state operations management & control processes and customer requirements flow
  • Assist kaizen team members in understanding how lean principles can significantly improve operations management and control processes
  • Assist team members to visualize, then develop an effective visual just-in-time production control system using visual control boards to enable balance & flow in operational activities

To achieve these objectives, kaizen team members will:

  • Practice, through discussions and case study illustration, traditional operations management systems, visual operations management concepts, and team building
  • Develop an aggressive, yet effective future state operations management system and visual procedures
  • Define operations management & control performance measurements indicators and roles and responsibilities

An operation's management & control system is the heart and sole of the operation and involves all activities necessary to plan, prioritize, resource, initiate, control, adjust, realign, and orchestrate the accomplishment of customer's requirements.

Each activity in this management and control process is either value adding (e.g., Maintaining work balance) or non-value adding (e.g., Recovering from a sequencing error). "Visualizing or seeing" your operational system's flow from a customer value chain perspective means looking at every stage in terms of the value it adds in providing customer value. It means paying attention to improving the operations management system as a whole. From customer need to delivery of the product or service.

By creating a current state map (how we manage operations now) you create a "visual" of operational flow.  From this baseline, you can apply lean principles to create an improved future state operations management system (how we want to do it) vision and how it will operate.

Analyzing & improving operations management & control techniques through flow kaizen methods is a simple process. You map current systems & processes through interviews, observation and by following customer requirements through the system, carefully drawing a visual portrayal of each stage in the flow and documenting activities and decisions occurring at each of these stages.

Results will be enlightening, revealing problems and potential solutions and opportunities where integration of lean principles will harvest significant improvements in operations management and control. Then those improvements can be systematically implemented to improve the entire system.

Example Agenda top

Day 1: Current State Value Stream Mapping

Introductions/Workshop Structure
Operations Management Flow Fundamentals
Value & Value Streams
Current  "Focus" Process Procedures
How Operations are Managed Today
Known Current P/C Impediments
Current Operations Management Systems
Current Performance Metrics
1st Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 2: Improving Flow through Lean

Value Stream Mapping
Business Process Value Stream Mapping
Operations Management System Mapping
Cross-functional Mapping
Team Operations Management & Control Current State Map Development
Team Current State Map Presentations
Group Current State Map Consolidation
2nd Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 3: Inventing a Better Future State Flow

Group Current State Map Opportunities
Group Final Current State Operations Control Map
Functional Information Needs
Functional Information Investigations
Functional Information Investigation Reports
JIT Operations Management Cross-walks
  Flow Principles
  Standardizing Activities
  Balancing Work
  Operating to a Tempo
  Regulating Flow
  Enhancing & Pacing Flow
  Sequencing Flow
  Single Order Coupled Flow
  Feeder Process Synchronization
  Mistake Proofing
  Visual Operations Control
  Pull Systems
  Focused Teaming
  Value Stream Management
Day 4: Future State Mapping
Integration of JIT Operational Systems
  JIT Customer Order Processing
  JIT Custom Engineering
  JIT Materials Planning
  JIT Visual Operations Control
  Visual Order Integration
Operations Management & Control Future State Mapping
Case Study Current to Future States
Team Operations Management Future State Mapping Instructions
Team Future State Process Improvement Assessment
Team Future State Mapping
4th Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 5: Becoming Lean

Team Future State Map Presentations
Group Future State Map Consolidation
Group Final Future State Opportunities Discussions
Group Final Operations
Group Future State Success Impediments
Operations Management  Success Performance Metrics
Becoming Lean
Future State Operations Management Transformation Planning
Wrap-Up & Workshop's Value

On-site Coaching Available top
To request this on-site Visual Operations Management Value Stream Flow Kaizen, please contact Jim Price at (502) 570-2766 or (859) 351-3215 (mobile) or via email: .