Course 2 of 3 in the Advanced JIT Enterprise Flow Certification Series

Creating JIT Supply Chain Flow
(3.5 days)

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This second of three courses in JEI's Advanced Enterprise Flow Certification Series zooms in on the inbound manufacturing supply chain and its inherent performance improvement through just-in-time.

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This second course describes, discusses, then observes how Toyota's “just-in-time” Production System (TPS) principles are applied to create and orchestrate high velocity pulled materials flow.  Focus is on Toyota's inbound manufacturing supply chain (i.e., OEM Suppliers), through their external cross-dock system, then through their internal manufacturing facility materials management systems.  Early attention is on applying extended supply chain value stream mapping to analyze and document the example manufacturing company’s (i.e., Wild Cat Actuators) current state supply chain and identify its deficiencies. What follows is an in-depth application of just-in-time flow principles at every stage of the flow from transport of materials from suppliers, through intermediate stages, such as cross-docking systems, through yard management external to assembly plants, to the assembly points-of-use (POU) via just-in-time internal materials management processes.  

Relevant just-in-time principles and practices will be discussed and applied to the study manufacturing company, Wild Cat Actuators, to develop an improved JIT future state vision to document through extended supply chain future state mapping.  Additional successful “real world” JIT supply chain case studies are used to discuss and highlight the value of key just-in-time supply chain flow principles and the value gained by improving flow from suppliers to the item’s point-of-use.

Complementing this study of JIT supply chain flow is information and discussions on effective just-in-time supplier and transportation support partnering, JIT supplier selection, supplier development, and JIT supplier assessment.

 Objectives of this 2nd progressive course are:

  • Discuss conventional OEM sequenced and pull replenished materials supplier operations, the inbound manufacturing supply chain, internal stockroom storage, and internal manufacturing materials management.
  • Introduce and align just-in-time manufacturing & logistics principles and methods with key elements of several study company’s conventional manufacturing processes and their supporting logistics systems.
  • Discuss how extended supply chain value stream mapping approaches can be used to design and then integrate just-in-time manufacturing and logistics principles into a seamless and effective supply chain system through presentation and discussion of several teaching case study companies.
  • Present and discuss how visual supply chain management approaches can be used to orchestrate coupled just-in-time flow from suppliers, through the inbound raw materials supply chain, through to the manufacturing point-of-use.
  • Reinforce this learning by observing actual just-in-time operations by touring Toyota’s Georgetown, KY automobile assembly plants #1 and #2.


During this manufacturing supply chain focused course we, from an enterprise perspective, will:

  • Discuss customer value, supply channel value streams, single-order-coupled-flow (SOCF), supply chain activities pacing, balancing work and activity content, integrating several versions of pull mechanisms, visual logistics and operations management, JIT work process flow, and extended logistics systems value stream mapping.
  • Discuss how JIT principles have been successfully applied to actual supply channel systems to demonstrate their value in better satisfying customers' needs, shortening total customer satisfaction lead time, assuring quality, and reducing overall product and services costs.


Completion of the first two certification courses prepares the participant for course three which concentrates on the outbound manufacturing distribution channel and the inherent performance improvements possible through just-in-time.

Example Agenda top

Creating Just-in-time Supply Chain Flow Certification Crs # 2 (Public)

Day 1:  Just-in-time Manufacturing Supply Chain
Welcome & Certification Course # 2 Structure

Seminar:  Creating Just-in-time Supply Chain Flow

  • Value & Value Streams
  • Just-in-time Supply Chain Overview
  • Just-in-time Supply Channel Flow Basics
  • Single-Order-Coupled-Flow
  • Heijunka (Balance)
  • Continuous Materials Flow
  • Connecting Continuous Flows with Pull Systems

Seminar:  Creating Just-in-time Supply Chain Flow (Con’t)

  • Operating to a Tempo – JIT Production Control
  • Manufacturing Supply Chain Case Study Discussions

Traditional Supply Chain Flow Practical Exercise / Simulation

Day 2:  Just-in-time Manufacturing Supply Chain Flow

Seminar:  Just-in-time Manufacturing Supply Chain Supply Chain

  • Inbound Manufacturing Supply Flow
  • Manufacturing Milk & Peddle Run Routing
  • JIT Processing Centers
  • JIT Supplier Kanban
  • JIT Yard Operations
  • JIT Manufacturing Receiving Operations

Tour of Toyota Assembly plants 1 & 2

Discussions & Tour Observations

Seminar:  Just-in-time Manufacturing Supply Chain Supply Chain (Con’t)

  • Visual Feeder Process Synchronization
  • Cross-Dock Operations
  • JIT Stockroom Operations

Day 3:  Internal Just-in-time Materials Management & Supplier Development

Seminar:  Just-in-time Manufacturing Supply Chain Supply Chain (Con’t)

  • JIT Picking Systems
  • JIT Internal POU Delivery

Just-in-time Supply Chain Flow Practical Exercise / Simulation

Seminar:  Extended Supply Chain Value Stream Mapping

Seminar: Just-in-time System Supplier Development

  • JIT Supply Chain Flow
  • JIT Supplier Partnering
  • JIT Supplier Selection & Development
  • Just-in-time Purchasing
  • Just-in-time Supplier Assessment

Day 4:  Complex Supply Chain Kaizen

Seminar: Complex Multi-tiered Supply Chain Flow Kaizen

  • Selecting the focus component/parts
  • Designing "Macro" Future State Goal
  • 1st, 2nd, &* 3er Tier Supplier Flow Kaizens
  • Final "Macro" Future State Design
  • Supply Chain Transformation Planning

Complex Just-in-time Multi-tiered Supply Chain Flow Demonstration

Demonstration Lessons Learned

Course # 2  Wrap Up and Q & A

Noon:  Departures


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