Course 3 of 3 in the Advanced JIT Enterprise Flow Certification Series

Creating JIT Storage and Distribution Flow
(3.5 days)

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This final of three courses in JEI's Advanced Enterprise Flow Certification Series concentrates on the outbound manufacturing distribution channel and the inherent performance improvement possible through just-in-time.

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JEI’s third course describes, discusses, then observes how Toyota's “just-in-time” Production System (TPS) principles are applied to create and orchestrate high velocity distribution of products through just-in-time outbound product and service parts distribution systems.  The course traces parts secured from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and internal service parts manufacturing activities, outbound through intermediate national parts centers and regional parts distribution centers to customers. 

Early course activity centers on applying extended distribution system value stream mapping to analyze and document the example manufacturing company’s (i.e., Wild Cat Actuators) current state distribution system and identifying its impediments and deficiencies.  This is followed by an in-depth application of just-in-time flow principles at every stage of the distribution system from part manufacturing, through transport of products to and through intermediate distribution centers to the customers.  Emphasis is placed on how JIT improves parts and products storage, warehousing operations (within several designs of facilities), and outbound delivery of products to customers consuming the least time, at the lowest costs, and at the highest quality.

Relevant just-in-time distribution process principles and practices will be discussed and applied to the study manufacturing enterprise, Wild Cat Actuators, to develop an improved JIT future state vision to document through extended distribution system future state mapping.   Additional successful “real world” JIT distribution system case studies are used to discussed and highlight the value of key just-in-time distribution flow principles and the value gained by improving flow from OEM suppliers to the ultimate end user.

Objectives of this 3rd advanced certification course are:

  • Discuss just-in-time outbound distribution systems and their components, such as, OEM manufacturer’s shipping, transportation mechanisms between distribution system activities, distribution center and warehouse internal operations and activities, and "peddle" (milk) run transportation system delivery to customers. 
  • Introduce and align just-in-time enterprise & logistics principles and methods with key elements of several study company's conventional product distribution logistics systems and processes.
  • Discuss how extended distribution flow value stream mapping can be used to design and integrate just-in-time manufacturing and logistics principles into a seamless and effective distribution channel through presentation and discussion of several teaching case study company’s JIT distribution systems.
  • Present and discuss how visual logistics management approaches can be used to orchestrate coupled just-in-time flow from originating activities (e.g., manufacturers, warehouses, etc.), through outbound distribution system activities, through to customers at the highest quality in the least amount of time.
  • Reinforce this learning by observing actual just-in-time warehousing and distribution activities by touring a benchmark organization practicing just-in-time distribution principles. 


During this distribution channel focused course we will:

  • Discuss customer value, distribution channel value streams, distribution enhanced by single-order-coupled-flow (SOCF), distribution process operational tempo and pacing, visual distribution operations management, and extended distribution flow value stream mapping.
  • Discuss how JIT principles have been successfully applied to actual distribution channel systems to demonstrate their value in better satisfying customers' needs, shortening total customer satisfaction lead time, assuring quality, and reducing overall product and services costs.
Example Agenda top

Creating Just-in-time Warehousing & Distribution Flow Certification Crs # 3 (Public)

Day 1:  Just-in-time Distribution Logistics Fundamentals
Welcome & Certification Course # 3 Structure

Seminar:  Creating Just-in-time Distribution Flow

  • Just-in-time Enterprise Flow Refresher
  • Distribution Flow Single-Order-Coupled-Flow
  • Distribution Heijunka (Balance)
  • Operating to a Outbound Distribution Tempo
  • Manufacturing Warehousing & Distribution System  Case Study Discussions

Seminar:  Just-in-time Warehousing Logistics

  • Storage Value Stream Mapping – Store-All Case Study
  • Storage Activity Workload Profiling
  • Just-in-time Storage & Distribution Flow
  • Just-in-time Warehousing Operations

Traditional Warehousing & Distribution Flow Practical Exercise / Simulation

Day 2:  Just-in-time Storage & Distribution Center Operations

Seminar: Just-in-time Warehousing Logistics (Con't)

  • JIT Requirements Picking
  • JIT Shipping Operations
  • JIT Outbound Flow

Seminar: Just-in-time Warehousing Logistics (Con't)

  • Distribution Center Value Stream Mapping – Stock-All Case Study
  • Storage Activity Value Stream Mapping – Defend-All Case Study

Day 3:  Just-in-time Service Parts Distribution

Seminar: Just-in-time Service Parts Logistics

  • JIT Intermediate Distribution
  • JIT Cross-Docking Operations
  • JIT Distribution Center Operations
  • JIT Processing Centers

Just-in-time Warehousing & Distribution Flow Practical Exercise / Simulation

Day 4:  Extended Distribution Channel Future State Value Stream Mapping

Seminar:  Extended Distribution Channel Value Stream Mapping

Course # 3  Wrap Up and Q & A

Noon:  Departures

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