Lean Enterprise Value Stream Management Workshop
(2 days)

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Overview top
Discover ways to organize your operations along your product or service’s value stream and efficiently manage the flow of products and services along this system focused path.

Description top

Workshop Objectives:

  • Familiarize front line managers and their leadership structure with system focused   value stream flow organization and management techniques
  • Assist front line managers in “seeing the flow” of their products and services and organizing their flow as a focused value stream system
  • Assist front line managers in understanding how to apply lean principles and   methods to improve the efficiency of their product or service’s flow
  • Assist front line managers in transforming toward a servant leadership style of management, developing ways to better support their team members, and ensuring teamwork throughout their product’s process flow
  • Assist front line leaders in blending value stream management of their processes into the existing leadership and business structures of their organization
  • Assist front line managers in developing an efficient lean transformation path from conventional to value stream flow operations
  • Assist front line supervisors in understanding how success is measured in lean value stream focused operations

To achieve these objectives, participants will:

  • learn and apply value stream operations and management principles & methods
  • Discuss the success of these principles within several example case studies
  • Discuss ways to sustain value stream improvements within current conventional silo or departmental management organizational structures

An organization’s operational flow is traditionally structured as independently operating, internally managed silos.  When products or services flow through several of these silos, great waste is created and efficient coordination is usually lost. Organizing operational leadership along system focused value streams overcomes these shortfalls and streamlines flow to significantly improve morale, shorten process lead times, increase quality, and lower costs.

To harvest these benefits, traditional leadership and management principles must be discarded and organizational policies must be rewritten to encourage managers to embrace responsibility for all actions which occur within a product or service’s entire value stream.

To support this objective, actual operations must be reorganized along entire value stream flows and existing managers must be educated in the value, principles, and methodologies of managing system breath value streams.

This workshop is design to assist in this transformation by providing participants with the theory and application of value stream management through discussions of actual success examples.

Example Agenda top

Day 1: What is Value Stream Management?

Introductions & Workshop Structure
    Lean Manufacturing, Value, & Value Streams
What is a Value Stream?
    Value Stream Management - Toyota Style
    Servant Leadership
What is Value Stream Management?
    Value Stream Management Roles & Responsibilities
What’s Important about Value Stream Management?
    Focusing of Value Stream Flow - Optimizing the Whole
Value Stream Management’s fit within Conventional Business Structures
    Blending Value Streams into Existing Organizational and Business Structures
    Solving Boundary Responsibilities & Interaction Problems
How do I Organize to Manage by Value Stream?
    Value Stream Flow Kaizen
    Impediment Process Kaizen & 5 “S”
How do I Manage my Value Stream?
    Establishing Continuous Flow or “Pull”
    Visual Planning & Operations Management & Control
    Balancing Workload & Regulating Flow through Pacing
1st Day Progress Wrap-Up

Day 2: How do I Make it Work for Us?

How do I Assure Quality through Value Stream Management?
    Practical Quality at the Source
    Mistake Proofing
How do I Transform my Process to a Value Stream Focus?
    Becoming Lean! - Transforming your Value Stream
    Sustaining Improvement
How do I Measure my Value Stream’s Success?
    Bench-marking Current Performance
    Value Stream Tailored Lean Performance Metrics
How do I Improve my Value Stream?
    Continuous Improvement Flow & Process Kaizen Leadership
How do I Assure Teamwork within my Value Stream?
    Team Building and Consensus Improvement
Group Value Stream Management Discussions
Wrap-Up & Workshop Value

On-site Coaching Available top
To request this on-site Lean Enterprise Value Stream Management Workshop, please contact Jim Price at (502) 570-2766 or (859) 351-3215 (mobile) or via email: .