Just-in-time Supply Storage & Fulfillment Value Stream Flow Kaizen
(4 days)

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Overview top
Discover how to apply the principles of just-in-time to significantly increase the efficiency of your supply storage center.

Description top
  • Discuss just-in-time supply fulfillment & distribution, supply activity profiling, and supply center performance bench-marking
  • Using example case studies and team interactions, study several types of supply. support value streams from downstream customers through upstream suppliers and develop an accurate “extended” current state map for the “focus” value stream
  • Discuss key aspects of order-ship lead time, supply & distribution information technology, visual warehousing operations, and demand flow smoothing
  • Apply these JIT fulfillment principles and methods to facilitate team design of a feasible, yet aggressive supply system “extended” future state map to improve flow within the kaizen “focus” supply distribution & fulfillment value stream
  • Document flow impediments which must be eliminated through process or “point” kaizen to achieve the improved supply system future state
  • Discuss effective techniques to manage the supply value stream’s transformation to Just-in-time principles and practices


To achieve these objectives, participants will:

  • Practice, through discussions and case study illustration, basic supply “extended” value stream flow mapping and kaizen concepts, team building, and kaizen process management
  • Develop, both current and future state maps of the “focus” fulfillment value stream
  • Document flow impediments which must be eliminated through kaizen to achieve the future state supply system design


A supply support enterprise's value stream includes all actions required secure, receive, putaway, store, pick, and ship a customer desired item.

Each action in this chain of activities is either value adding (e.g., being picked) or non-value adding (e.g., waiting to be putaway).  "Seeing" your supply processes from a value stream perspective means looking from 100 feet above at the forest, not the individual trees.  It means paying attention to improving the system as a whole, receiving dock to shipping dock, rather than focusing on improving individual sub-processes.

By creating a current state map (How we operatetoday) you create a "visual" of supply process flow. From this baseline, you can apply lean principles to create an improved future state (how its best to operate) vision of an ideal supply fulfillment value flow.

Value Stream flow kaizen is a simple process. You map the process, through interviews and assessments of supply fulfillment center operations by following orders from dock-to-dock, carefully documenting a visual portrayal of each process in the flow of supply items and information.

The results will be astounding, revealing conditions and opportunities which might not be recognized. Then an improved future state (and how to get there) can be developed.

Example Agenda top

Day 1: Current State Value Stream Mapping

  • Introductions & Workshop Structure
  • Supply & Distribution Fundamentals
  • World-Class Supply Support
  • Just-in-time Fundamentals
  • Value & Value Streams
  • Base-lining Current Activities
        - Supply Process Profiling
        - Performance Bench-marking
  • Traditional Supply Support
        - Receiving, Putaway, and Storage
        - Picking, Unitizing, and Shipping
  • Value Stream Mapping Process
  • Supply Center Value Stream Mapping

Day 2: Improving Flow & Process

  • Team Current State Assessment
  • Team Current State Development
  • Team Current State Map Presentations
  • Group Current State Opportunities
  • Just-in-time Supply Principles & Methods
        - Smoothing Demand
        - Regulating Flow
        - Enhancing Flow
        - Work Cell Layout
        - Visual Process Control
  • Fulfillment  Work Center Layout
        - Continuous Flow
        - Pull Systems
        - Mate5rial Conveyance
        - Continuous Improvement
  • Improving Flow through JIT
        - Supply Management Systems

Day 3: Inventing a Better Future State Flow

  • Improving Flow through JIT (Con’t)
        - Receiving, Putaway, and Storage
        - Picking, Unitizing, and Shipping Orders
  • Future State Mapping Process
  • Supply Process Future State Mapping
  • Team Future State Process Assessment
  • Team Future State Mapping

Day 4: Sustaining Improvements

  • Team Future State Map Presentations
  • Group Future State Map Consolidation
  • Group Future State Opportunities
  • Just-in-time Performance Metrics
  • Supply Center Transformation
  • Wrap-Up & Kaizen Value


On-site Coaching Available top
To request this on-site Just-in-time Supply Storage & Fulfillment Value Stream Flow Kaizen, please contact Jim Price at (502) 570-2766 or (859) 351-3215 (mobile) or via email: .