Public & On-Site Advanced Just-in-time Enterprise Flow Certification Series

JEI offers a three course advanced lean certification series focused on applying just-in-time principles throughout the complete manufacturing business enterprise. This series progresses participants through current state complete enterprise mapping, flow and deficiency analysis and their improvement through integration of lean principles, and culminates in future state design and mapping of the entire business enterprise.

Functions covered during these three progressive courses include: an enterprise's customer interfacing activities (excluding sales), requirements administrative processing, customizing product engineering, required materials planning and supplier collaboration, JIT inbound supply chain planning and management, visual production planning and management, product manufacturing, finished products storage, and product distribution through outbound transportation system activities to receipt by the customer.

A focus example manufacturing company is analyzed and improved through each linked progressive course of the series to demonstrate how just-in-time principles can successfully be integrated at every level and stage of an enterprise's business system. Additional successful case studies are extensively presented and discussed to highlight the value of important lean principles and the value gained by improving flow from receipt of a customer order through delivery of requirements to the customer. See our Events section for a calendar of advanced JIT enterprise flow certification course offerings. When conducted on-site, this series content and schedules can be customized to satisfy your enterprise's specific schedules and needs.

Advanced Just-in-time Enterprise Flow Certification Series

Registration Fees: $1,195 per course, or $3,200 for the complete three-course series.
(Please contact us to enroll in the complete three-course series at the discounted price.)