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Are you at a Cross Road? Are you at a crossroads in your business? Are your operations, business systems, logistics stymied? Costs up? Productivity down? Are you trying to decide which is the best direction to take your enterprise? It's a proven fact that transforming to Toyota’s principles of just-in-time / lean will significantly increase your edge over your competitors, while significantly lowering most operational, people, and overhead related costs.

Who we are!

Acceleration with Lean The Cost Trade-Off Our seasoned "lean" smart professionals are uniquely qualified to help you attain your lean transformational goal. We are current and previous faculty coaches within the University of Kentucky’s lean systems program, thus have been primary designers and experienced coaches of UK's world renowned lean education programs. Additionally, JEI's professionals are also seasoned manufacturing and logistics operational leaders who have spent the majority of their careers leading, at or above the General Manager and Plant Manager level. This high level of educational and hands-on experience promises that your JEI coach is a seasoned professional and a skilled coach. JEI coaches are uniquely qualified to help your enterprise cultivate a culture of just-in-time operational and logistics flow and assist you in aggressively transforming your organization to lean systems principles and practices.

What we Offer!

Help in transforming your enterprise to Toyota's principles of: teamwork, visual systems management, a flexible intelligent workforce, elimination of all forms of wastes, operations in a stable and consistent manner, and progressing work just-in-time.

Our lean transformation approach follows Toyota's five-phase model which focuses on transforming to a "learning" fraternity, then systematically eliminating waste throughout the enterprise.