On-Site & Public Lean Transformation Workshops

These workshops and lean learning seminars are designed to deliver breakthrough results in a short period of time through a focused application of Toyota's principle, philosophies, and productivity enhancing techniques. Each workshop's focus will be on integrating the talents and abilities of a diverse group working as a team toward:

  • Learning & reinforcing the principles and techniques of Toyota's just-in-time (JIT) / lean systems principles & practices
  • Cultivating an enthusiasm toward immediate direct application of these principles and practices
  • Understanding the importance of aligning your enterprise's culture to support success and sustain improvements through adhering to these lean principles

JIT Transformation Framework

On-Site Workshop and Public Course Offerings

To request on-site workshops in this category, please contact Jim Price at (502) 570-2766 or (859) 351-3215 (mobile) or via email: .

  • Process Kaizen (i.e., Point kaizen) (5 Days)
  • Reducing Changeover Turbulence (Setup) (3 Days)
  • Increasing Equipment Availability (Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)) (4 Days)