On-site Operational Process Kaizen Coaching

Operational Process kaizens follow this basic approach:

  • Familiarize kaizen team with lean principles & methodologies
  • Assist kaizen team members in "seeing the flow" of the focus process
  • Assist the kaizen team in recognizing all wastes and delays within the process
  • Create a diagram detailing the focus processí current procedures
  • Assist kaizen team in recognizing how lean principles and practices can significantly improve flow within the process
  • Assist kaizen team to visualize, then design aggressive, yet feasible process improvements
  • Develop a simple plan to accomplish the improvements within the time remaining, documenting and prioritizing those which must be deferred
  • Physically integrate the improvements into the process
  • Test operate the process to assure that the improvements are meaningful
  • Develop summary new procedure instructions for operator training
  • Document new improvement procedures to assure attainment and sustainment of their value
  • Prepare to communicate improvements and their value to the enterprise
  • Celebrate the process kaizen's success